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Further information


Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. You can contact us with any queries.


Fill in your details on the contact form, call + 34 902 13 00 14 or send an email to info@sagales.com. You can also visit the offices section of our website and contact us there.

For any complaints and claims, the freephone number +34 900 13 00 14 is at the disposal of our users.

Contact us via the form on our website, call 902 13 00 14 or send an email to mk@sagales.com. You can also visit the offices section of our website and contact the office corresponding to your route. We make sure that we check the vehicle at the end of every service. If we find a lost object, we identify it and keep it for six months for it to be collected by you. If it is fresh food, it will be disposed of the following day. If it involves elements which enable us to identify the owner, we try to get in touch. If not claimed after five days, documentation will be delivered to a public office.  

Yes, most of our fleet is adapted. Call 0034 902 13 00 14 for more information.

Bicycles can be transported free of charge on regular public services. Only one bicycle is accepted per user. It must be in good clean condition. For this reason, packaging is recommended. You can purchase specific packaging for bicycles at the ticket office in Barcelona (Pg. de Sant Joan, 52; open Monday to Friday from 8:00h to 13:00h and 15:00h to 18:00h; telephone 93 231 27 56). This packaging costs 5 €.

Bicycles must go into the luggage area of the bus, except in the case of folding bicycles. These can be transported outside the luggage area, provided that the vehicle permits standing passengers and the size of the bicycle when folded does not exceed the permitted hand luggage size (100 x 60 x 25 cm). 
The maximum number of bicycles that fit on the bus is 5 in the luggage compartment and 2 in the spaces reserved for standing passengers, and they may never occupy the area reserved for persons with reduced mobility. However, every vehicle is conditioned by the space available. The service providing company may limit access after evaluating safety or other factors.
Passengers transporting bicycles on-board are responsible for the damage they may cause to other users, luggage and the vehicle itself.

You can purchase specific packaging for bicycles at the ticket office in Vic (c/ Pere Gallissà, 4; open Monday to Friday from 7:00h to 13:00h and 16:00h to 19:00h; telephone 93 889 25 77). We provide services designed for you to bring your bicycle by bus and enjoy a day of sport and adventure in the great outdoors, cycling along the trails and discovering the breathtaking views of Catalonia. This line travels from Barcelona to Santa Maria d'Oló, passing through Moià, and routes Vic-Rupit, Vic-Viladrau and Vic-Sant Pere de Torelló. In this case, it is advisable that passengers with bicycles arrive 15 minutes in advance. For better comfort and security, call the Transport Department in advance (for Barcelona routes call 93 865 04 00 and for Vic routes call 93 889 25 77) to query availability.

You can travel with guide dogs and domestic animals in suitable carry cages.

The passenger is entitled to carry luggage without charge, provided that as a whole this does not exceed the maximum measures allowed (100x60x25 cm). If the total baggage exceeds these maximum measures allowed, an amount equivalent to the price of a standard ticket must be paid for each additional item. The number of items shall be subject to the availability of space in the luggage compartment.

Children under 4 years old who do not have a ticket, may only carry hand luggage without charge. If they have other luggage, a charge will be made at an amount equivalent to the price of a standard ticket for each item.

Hand luggage is understood as being all kinds of warm clothing, accessories or items for personal use that a passenger carries with them while travelling on board the vehicle.

In no event can objects or materials that are dangerous, unhealthy or which may cause inconvenience to other users or damage other luggage be permitted.


You can get in touch with us by calling +34 972 36 40 72, by e-mail lloretbus@sagales.com or via this form.