Rights and obligations


  • Be transported from the source todestination specified in the transportduly validated.
  • Be treated well by staff of the Company
  • Request and get on all cars and lockers established book
  • Claims hearing from the company within one month claims formulate
  • That the state vehicle is suitable for its use is carriedin conditions of comfort, hygiene and safety
  • Be covered by compulsory insurance correspond to this type of transport.
  • Obtain reimbursement of the trip in case of suspension of service for reasons attributable solely to the company.
  • Carrying objects or hand luggage, provided they do not inconvenience or danger to other travelers.
  • People with disabilities, will descend from the door vehicles intended for passenger access.
  • In the case of acquisition of ticket on board the bus, the traveler will face payment the exact amount of the marked price, however, the company will take the necessary steps to ensure that your staff can change money as long as the amount offered as payment by the user is a maximum of 20 euros.


  • Porting valid ticket from the start of their journey until off the bus. This certification shall be subjected to input control. It exempted from this obligation under 5 years not occupyingseat.
  • Travelers who lack valid ticket, They will be required to pay in respect of extraordinary service charge used or were to be used, an amount equal to the product of twenty the price of a simple, safe note that this amount is lower than 15 euros, in which case pay the quantity.
  • Follow signs for employees of companies on issues related to the service and its effects.
  • To respect the provisions of posters or recommendations placed in view of travelers on facilities and vehicles, and refrain from any behavior that could constitute a nuisance to other passengers or employees of the company.
  • If discrepancies occur among travelers for service issues (opening and closing windows, operation or air conditioning devices, etc.), accept the view prevailing vehicle occupants or failing that the driver majority.
  • Passengers are exclusively responsible for any items of hand luggage they carry. Consequently, they are also liable for any damage that may occur to these items while on board the vehicle. For these purposes, items of hand luggage shall be understood to include: backpacks, handbags, mobile telephones, tablets, laptops, iPads, MP3 players and any other items carried by the passenger inside the bus. The transport company accepts no liability for any damage to said items during the journey, nor for the loss or disappearance thereof.   

WITHDRAWAL OF TITLES OF TRANSPORTATION:  In cases of improper or fraudulent use of titles or expiration thereof, the employees of the company shall remove such securities, which will accompany the complaint.


  • Bring kids in strollers and / or these unfolded. Smoking, drugs, narcotics or alcohol in vehicles. Eating and drinking in vehicles.
  • Distribute leaflets, brochures and any kind of propaganda or publicity
  • Practice begging. Driving animals out of suitable containers, except guide dogs for the blind in the event. Talk to the driver while the vehicle is in motion, except for reasons of necessity related to the service.
  • Carrying packages involving nuisance or danger to passengers, exceeding in size to a person, such as bicycles without dismounting.
  • Perform acts involving danger to their safety or other passengers or employees of the company as well as behaviors that pose a serious nuisance for them. Damage to vehicles or fixed installations.

VIOLATIONS: They  are all behaviors offenses involving breach of duty or violation of the prohibitions set forth in this Regulation and will be sanctioned by the company in accordance with transport regulations